SENSE Develops First Decentralized Messenger on EOS

SENSE Develops First Decentralized Messenger on EOS

New Messenger Provides Private and Secure Peer-to-Peer Video Chat, Text Messaging and Integrated Crypto Transactions with Zero Data Collection

SENSE, a decentralized messaging company from the team behind Sensay, announced today the development of the first decentralized messenger to be built on the EOS blockchain. Open and safe from outside control, the new messenger, Sense Chat, brings an enhanced level of capability to the decentralized messaging world, matching the experience of centralized applications like Skype, WeChat, Line and WhatsApp within a purely peer-to-peer environment. Capabilities at launch will include video and audio chat, text messaging and an integrated cryptocurrency wallet to allow users to earn and exchange EOS and SENSE tokens.

Sense Chat will be available on both desktop and mobile web, accessible to any device with a browser, enabling censorship-free communication and payment around the world. One of the initial decentralized applications (DApps) for EOS, the messenger takes advantage of EOS’s industry-leading processing speed -- 100,000 transactions-per-second -- to create a solution capable of supporting broad, mainstream adoption. Because the messenger is decentralized, each user acts as an individual node in the network with no central authority collecting and selling user data.

“Consumers are increasingly waking up to the fact that there’s a hidden cost involved in using traditional messaging and social networking options, with their personal data and privacy up for grabs,” said Crystal Rose, co-founder and CEO of SENSE. “With Sense Chat, we’re putting that control back in consumers’ hands, allowing them to connect with each other in a true, peer-to-peer manner. We’re excited to be one of the first projects to take advantage of the speed and scalability of EOS to bring the benefits of decentralized messaging to the widest possible audience.”

Sense Chat is powered by Social Notification Service (SNS) technology, a new messaging protocol developed by SENSE. In addition to powering the Sense Messenger, SNS can be easily adopted as a protocol within other platforms and operating systems. For example, any application or DApp environment that wishes to include a lightweight messaging system that isn’t powered by any one centralized platform, but rather operates independently. The messenger will also feature its own EOS-based SENSE token (SNS) that will allow for in-app transactions.

“SENSE’s messenger is a great example of the new world of highly scalable DApps being built on EOS for the mainstream audience,” said David Moss, Founder of TrueBlock, and former SVP at, the company behind the EOS project. “Messaging protocols are key in the movement toward decentralization.”




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