Auctus Empowers Retirement Savers using Blockchain Technology

Auctus, a smart contract-powered retirement planning platform that combines traditional and cryptocurrency assets, is bringing the power of blockchain technology to the global retirement planning industry. Smart contracts can empower retirement savers with a transparent, goal-based and low fee structure, as well as a permanent track record of all suggested portfolio allocations and robo-advisor predictions.

“Auctus uses blockchain and smart contracts to cut out middlemen and help savers avoid expensive fee structures,” said Auctus CEO Raphael Vantroost. “Driving fee structures with smart contracts makes them based on actual results. Our vision is to create a platform that is as decentralized as possible, and as community-driven, owned and managed as possible.”

Auctus helps to align the interests of human and robo-advisors with the goals of retirement savers. Bringing blockchain and smart contracts to retirement planning can offer a higher degree of collaboration, more streamlined operations and a more secure form of record keeping. For example, it can bring more efficiency to contract execution and transaction settlement, and help to solve the problem of hidden fees.

“The idea of using the Ethereum blockchain is to enable the creation of a trustless marketplace, where financial products and and services can be traded using a token platform,” added Vantroost. “The token incentivizes and rewards good performance and good behavior in the platform, preventing users from paying for bad advice, without the need of a centralized verification mechanism.”

Retirement savers who use Auctus can make well-informed decisions about their financial future thanks to increased automation and increased trust. With the additional benefit of robo-advisory and analytics, portfolios of bonds, stocks and cryptocurrencies can be optimized using the community-driven, decentralized platform. Auctus users can trade both crypto & tokenized traditional assets all from one interface, and virtually upload their existing retirement plan, such as 401k/IRA plans.

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