Blockchain Startup AdEx Blockchain technology will replace existing ad solutions

With 40% of marketing budgets accounting for advertisement on the internet it is no wonder that AD Exchange ADEX an international ad platform has rolled out its Blockchain solution for advertisers and publishers. Ivo Goergiev, CEO and Co-founder of AdEx stated, “ The solution offered by AdEx seeks to benefit all parties involved in the online advertising ecosystem, which means end users as well as advertisers and publishers, while removing unnecessary and downright risky elements currently associated with centralized infrastructure.”

 AdEx incorporates so-called AdEx profile, a specific user area where everyone can specify their preferences and other things that advertisers need to know in order to target their campaigns in a better fashion. In addition smart contracts built on Ethereum will enable the system to make the process of bidding and ad placement completely transparent.  Advertisers will be aware of the price they have to pay for publishers showing the ad, and the publishers will get automatically paid only after they show said advertisement.

 The scalability issues that currently trouble Ethereum caused the AdEx team to seek a backstaired option in order to secure their platform from any problems that may arise once many advertisers and publishers get on board. 

For that reason, AdEx may extend to Aeternity blockchain in the future, or use IOTA on top of Ethereum.

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