Blockchains for Smart City

Blockchains for Smart City

Consensys Hackathon

In an article published in Coindesk in May 21 2017 the topic of Blockchain for Smart Cities took center stage as part of the Consensus building blocks Hackathon in New York. The hackathon didn’t have one theme and as the article wrote many of the developers chose to pair the technology with other industries such as IoT and artificial intelligence. Most of the projects were built on Ethereum. Some teams worked on health care record systems, others on autonomous cars safety. Another Ethereum project called Smart City Protocol is an open source smart contract for managing various aspects of a smart city

In a presentation describing Deloitte's end-to-end solution for bringing blockchain applications to production, consulting manager Savita Muley emphasized the importance of building applications that genuinely need blockchain technology.

She asked the audience of a couple dozen developers packed into a conference room:

Deloitte's reward will go to the application with "highest potential for commercialization." The company plans to help the winning team bring their project to fruition with a three-hour consulting session in their Blockchain Lab in Wall Street.  For full story check out


BlockBox won CoinDesk's Consensus 2017 hackathon for its bid to make drones and smart cars safer to operate with blockchain.


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