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  • Emirates

    Loyyal Blockchain Signs three year contract with UAE Emirates Airlines

     Loyyal, the leading blockchain solution for the loyalty and rewards industry,has signed a three-year commercial production vendor agreement with The Emirates Group. Loyyal’s blockchain-enabled loyalty and rewards platform, now in produc
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  • pexels-photo-830891

    Loyyal Unveils New Administrative Console

    Loyyal, the industry leader in applying blockchain technologies to enhance loyalty and incentive programs, is proud to unveil version 3.0 of the Loyyal Product Suite, achieving yet another milestone in the platform’s performance, security, and features. Already the industry leader, Loyyal’s continued enhancement of transaction security, scalability, and ease of deployment delivers greater benefits to loyalty program operators than ever before. Among several new features, two significant introductions in this release are the new Administration Console, as well as improved fault-tolerance and recovery.
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