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    Amplify Brokerage: Live to the Public

    Amplify Brokerage launched to the public, right after a preliminary private test to their nearly 100k pre-registrants. Amplify Brokerage brings with it an array of resources and advantages never before seen on another crypto brokerage platform. The hallmark of Amplify Brokerage is Zero Trading Fees. For the first time ever, crypto enthusiasts worldwide can reap the benefits that no-fee trading has on a portfolio. To verify Amplify’s claim, a side-by-side comparison of the same trade executed by each Amplify and Coinbase was conducted. Results proved that Amplify’s zero trading fee model put 1.4% more coin in the trader’s pocket versus Coinbase, a well-established market player. This means that Amplify Brokerage delivers on the most basic of any trader’s goals – – increasing his/her portfolio. Mission accomplished.
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