UNLOCK Discussion Themes:

  • ICOs, Crypto-currencies, and the future of exchanges in a regulated World
  • Scalability Interoperability and speed of Blockchain
  • Governments and the Blockchain
  • Investing in Blockchain
  • Utilizing Blockchain for Trade, supply chain and businesses
  • The Future of Blockchain
  • Tokenization of Everything in a Digital Economy
  • AI and Blockchain
  • Blockchain and privacy
  • Blockchain and Payments
  • Blockchain in transportation and energy
  • Blockchain as a Service and the role of telecom, cloud solution providers
  • Digital Identity and Blockchain
  • Expo 2020 in Dubai with Blockchain, AI, 3D and Big Data

Additional themes

  • Blockchain for the Entertainment sector
  • Blockchain for Ecommerce and Retail
  • Blockchain in Health
  • Blockchain in Real-estate
  • Blockchain in Banking
  • Blockchain in Equities and Securities
  • Blockchain in the Food industry
  • Blockchain in Energy
  • Blockchain in Logistics
  • Blockchain in transportation

UNLOCK Workshops

At UNLOCK this year we are inviting developers and technical professionals to participate in a series of workshops that will be given by top Blockchain platform solution providers. The workshops will be between 3-4 hours and attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.


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