Zachary Cefaratti
Chief Executive Officer FounderDalma Capital Management

Zachary has over 12 years professional experience in financial services industry, having initially workedhis way through his studies in Franklin University Switzerland, Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, London School of Economics and University of Pennsylvania while operating independent mortgage brokerage, merchant and insurance businesses.

He holds a dual bachelor’s degree in International Finance and Banking and International Business Management.

He began his search for alpha at age 7, when he began trading bonds and equities in an effort to grow assets he earned as a childhood film and television SAF/AFTRA actor. Throughout his career and education, he has been an active member of the investment community – he founded the Franklin University Investment Club

He  spearheaded the formation of the AIMA Middle East Executive Committee, representing the Alternative Investment Management Association in the MENASA Region.

He was the principal organizer of the AIMA Middle East Hedge Fund Investors Summit and went on to found AIM Summit, the largest gathering of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital and PrivateDebt professionals in the Middle East.


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