Dr. Yannis Kalfoglou
Blockchain Advisor

Dr. Kalfoglou is a blockchain advisor to large FG500 multinationals in a multitude of industries, including financial services, technology, consulting, consumer electronics, energy, and insurance. He focuses on blockchain strategic and tactical advice to clients. He brings onboard 5 years of hands-on experience with commercial scale blockchain work and experiences from diverse industries and use cases.

He led the blockchain efforts at a large global asset manager in the capital markets. He pioneered proof-of-concept blockchain work in the smart contracting space for management fees, worked with post-trading reconciliation and settlement solutions using blockchain technology and evangelized use cases of blockchain across all functions in institutional asset management.

He has also been involved and advised blockchain startups in the insurance space in the banking sector for fiat-to-crypto vertical integration for retail markets, in the data marketplace space for the use of AI technology to determine optimum demand/supply pricing and a number of ad-hoc engagements for innovative use cases of blockchain in intellectual property, smart cities, consumer loyalties, and many others.

Dr Kalfoglou holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the leading centre of excellence for AI research, University of Edinburgh, and 7 years post doc research on the Semantic Web.


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