Paul Scott
Head of StrategyDisPRuptive

Paul believes that “decentralization and digitization of all things will have a greater impact than the internet ever could have imagined and the beneficiaries will be a global population with freedom of movement, skills-development and resource accumulation.”

He is the head of strategy for DisPRuptive, an ICO/STO PR and strategy advisory company, and also leads a global blockchain and STO / ICO development advisory He has deep-level expertise in FinTech, GreenTech, InsurTech and Big Data ecosystems, including utilization of leading-edge technologies that underpin the ecosystem’s development. His focus for the last 2-years has become the inherent benefits in Blockchain technology and the nascent opportunities this presents for a decentralized global economy to the benefit of all, equally.

Prior to his current endeavors, his passion for the environment saw Paul developing a GreenTech consultancy business, with a view to matching projects and technology in the eco- system to drive beneficial results in low-impact energy generation. Technology was the underpin, and the related benefits the driver.

He has more than 18-year experience in financial services


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