Osman Sultan
CEODU Telecom

As the founding CEO of Emirates  Integrated Telecommunications Company  (du) since 2005  in the UAE, and the founding CEO of Egyptian Company  for Mobile Services (Mobinil) in Egypt from 1998 to 2005, Osman Sultan set during the course of his career several strategies translating the profound transformations that  the telecom and information sectors have been creating in our lives.

As an influential figure and a mentor in the telecommunications sector, he is proud to  have groomed close to  20 talented individuals who  became CEOs of various operations across all continents.

Osman  Sultan is a visionary leader and a notable  public speaker  in the field. His distinguished achievements ranked him as one of the most  powerful executives in the telecoms industry in the world  twice on “GTBPower100 List” in both 2010 and 2011.

Osman Sultan brings 35 years of leadership, rich with achievements in the telecom business. His vast knowledge and expertise in the field as early as the pre-internet period,  placed him as one of the pioneers  in France, Europe, the USA, Japan and the entire MENA region.


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