Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Founder and Co-hostEncrypted

Ahmed Al-Balaghi is the Head of Partnerships at Kambio Ventures, co-host of the Encrypted podcast and a Blockchain and Fintech researcher. He is also the Community Partner for Fintech Connector in Dubai. 

Having spent over 2 years within the blockchain industry in China, the U.K., and Dubai, he has developed deep industry expertise and regularly delivers talks and workshops. His research and investments span across blockchain infrastructure and protocol layers, security tokens, digital identity, cryptoeconomics, and exchanges. 

Ahmed previously worked for Viewfin, a leading Chinese blockchain company, heading up their Middle Eastern expansion through office set up. He has also launched the 1st podcast dedicated to blockchain in the Middle East called Encrypted (encrypted.fireside.fm).

He graduated with a first class degree from Queen Mary University of London studying Economics and Maths. He then was awarded a scholarship to study Mandarin at Fudan University for two years.

During his time at Fudan he was the Cofounder and President of the Fudan Blockchain Association and was the FinTech Lead for an entrepreneurship project in Shanghai with a team of UK-China entrepreneurs and the British Government. 


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