Fadwa Mohanna
Chief Executive Officermicity

Entrepreneur Fadwa Mohanna is the co-founder of micity, which addresses the citizens’ concerns in their routine interactions with government entities or large corporations and makes them cost-efficient, seamless, highly secure and enjoyable by harnessing the powers of the latest technologies including biometrics, IoT, AI and Blockchain.

micity is the creator of “micity Concierge” and “micity Ki”, the building blocks of a Citizen Access Platform, a highly secure identity management and authentication gateway, which enables convenient, smart, secure and cost-efficient interactions between citizens and government entities or large corporations resulting in happier citizen experience.

Fadwa was a key player in launching large telecom operations in various countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates and has an extensive experience in building large networks using the latest technologies.

She is highly active in the Women’s Entrepreneurs Community where the topics of AI, Data Analytics, Chatbots and Blockchain are high on the agenda.


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