Andrew Rippon
Chief Technology OfficerBabelChain

Andrew Rippon is VP Blockchain at Centurion and CTO of BabelChain. He is the founder of Thrupny, a new type of asset backed platform.

He is also on the board of two further blockchain projects, Ubex and Fiduxa, both of which have raised significant investments and are delivering technology innovation.

In his recent past Andrew was the Blockchain Lead at NXN, developing technology at the intersection of crypto currencies and the underlying utility of blockchain. Andrew is also involved in startups within the space, having advised several on technology development, hardening and governance. Recently Andrew has been advisor for Goal Bonanza, BoatPilot, EVEN, Eggs and several other ICOs.

Having graduated from Staffordshire University in the UK with a business focused degree and gained his deep technical knowledge afterwards, Andrew has a keen eye for the impact of technology on business value, solving organizational problems and creating new ways of operating to advance the achievement of strategic goals.


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