Yousuf Dashqooni
Senior IT Security ManagerWasl

Yusuf has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Information Security at Enterprise Level.

 He started his career by working as Security officer at one of the biggest Government ISP looking specifically to analyze the risk toward Government network, and build strategic plan on how to secure it with emerging Global Cyber threats as Proactive rather than reactive.

 By moving to business sector, he focused on building Information Security Strategy align with business mission & its dynamics change based on emerged technology, build Information Security framework across the entity, identify critical business process with related operation risk.

 He also focused on identifying security requirements for the business projects such as: Mobility, Application, Cloud and latest technology trend:IoT and Blockchain to ensure Secure services. 

In addition he built SOC framework based on risk analysis and how to monitor the risk toward business rather than traditional method of monitoring.


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