Mohammed Alsehli
Founder and CEOArabianChain Technology

Mohammed founded ArabianChain Technology in 2017. As the CEO of this startup, he is responsible for bringing the first public and decentralized blockchain to the Arabian economy.

He is among the first Certified Innovation Strategist in the region, a blockchain Evangelist, and an Expert in Service Management with a Bachelor in Software Engineering from King Fahd university of Petroleum and Minerals.

Mohammed also is the founder of Palmex which is one of the first crypto currency and digital assets exchange-markets in the region. A Cofounder @ Kaizen Tch. focusing on Apps, IoT and VR/AR innovations.

Mohammed have served major accounts with Microsoft in Saudi Arabia including the Central Bank of Saudi SAMA working as a Senior Technical Account Manage. Prior to Microsoft he led several transformative initiatives as an Enterprise Architect at the National commercial bank NCB.

Mohammed has spent some time studying various topics ranging from Innovation and technology management, to digital economy and future of banking and all the way to philosophy, psychology, culture and languages. During that time, he was advising startups on growth and business strategy and volunteering in different national and multinational organizations.


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