Issa Chini
Co-Founder Chief Strategist Micity

Micity is an alternative marketplace for smart identity based on blockchain. micity addresses citizens’ concerns in their routine interactions with government entities or large corporations and makes them personalized, seamless, highly secure by harnessing the powers of the latest technologies including biometrics, Artificial Intelligence and largely blockchain.

As a former executive at a software company that offers award winning mission critical monetization solutions in the cloud, Issa was the mastermind of “Redknee” $700 million IPO and acquisition of Nokia BSS business unit. This position has provided Issa, the opportunity to develop unique leadership skills to manage key relationships and governance in North America and across numerous and complex markets.

Issa is currently serving as an advisor of handful of blockchain startups in crypto-mining and cryptocurrency. He is applying his knowledge of traditional marketplaces to the creation of next generation startups by advising on the strategy and execution, branding, research, organization and Leadership, and ICO preparation.

An engineer by trade, computer scientist, futurist and solutionist, Issa has earned a MBA in Sales and Marketing, a Master of Professional Consulting, a bachelor of engineering degree in computer and communication and a black belt in SIX Sigma.

Issa speaks six languages, engaged dynamically in coaching young leaders and is an active member of few NGOs such as Habitat for humanity among others.


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