Dmitri Moiseev
Co-founder & CEONaviaddress

Since 1996 Dmitri has been working in private equity and venture capital industry in Russia and

Europe. He has played varied and challenging roles acting as a C-level executive, an investment officer and a company director. He contributed to the launch or leaded high growth initiatives in disruptive venture projects in post-Soviet era Russia, such as MTV Russia TV channel, “36,6” a retail pharmacy chain, as well as “Katren,” a pharmaceutical distributor.

 Dmitri has been running and advising successful businesses through dynamic stages of their development, from seed to IPO, for more than 20 years.

 In early 2015, Dmitri Moiseyev took the helm of Yota Device Group (a dual screen smartphone producer and marketer) operating in EMEA and China. Prior to 2015, Dmitri was the chairman of the management board of Flexis IT group.

Today, Dmitri is focused on developing his own project Naviaddress, Like his earlier successful projects, as an innovative digital addressing system for places and objects linked to geocoordinates and metadata, Naviaddress is revolutionary in its field. The mission is to create a decentralized, global, unified address platform on the blockchain for the real and virtual worlds. Naviaddress strives to turn the conventional addressing system into a more universally-viable digital format.

The project has already attracted 2.5 million dollars (US) from private investors and is raising 25 million dollars of investments during the ICO in the first quarter of 2018. Raised funds will be used for the development and deployment of the blockchain technology stack, migrating addressing system and related applications to the blockchain, development, promotion and global roll-out of the address platform.


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