Alexander Kozlov
Founder & CEODogezer

Alex is a software architect and entrepreneur with vast experience in different areas of technology. With over more than 16 years of career in software development, Alex was providing services for companies such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, Ford, Hyundai and Jaguar Land Rover, and stands behind the architecture of significant pieces of their software solutions.  Alex was also playing a CTO/Architect role in European startups PixIt (creation of personalized products on demand) and Semilimes (ERP as a Service).

Alex founded and, together with his team, built a distributed software development platform Dogezer, which will completely revamp the way how people cooperate.

Dogezer is a platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project-specific tokens to reward results and incentivize collaboration.


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