Dr. Abdalla Kablan
Blockchain Advisor for Malta GovernmentFintech expert

Dr. Abdalla Kablan is a serial entrepreneur, and Fintech expert.

He specialises in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the design of complex financial systems.

He is the founder of startup which specialize mainly but not exclusively in Machine Intelligence, professional match making, and Fintech.

Dr Kablan is an Alumni of Microsoft Ventures, UK and worked on projects which were featured at the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos.

Dr. Kablan is also an academic at the University of Malta where he lectures and researches topics related to computational intelligence, financial engineering, and financial data science. During his PhD studies between 2007-2011

Dr Kablan researched the cryptographic block algorithms behind bitcoin (now known as blockchain) and is a renowned expert in the field of distributed ledgers.

Currently Dr Kablan advises the Maltese Government on matters related to strategic development and utilisation of technology, Fintech, and Blockchain/DLT technologies.


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