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    OKEx Partners with FirmaChain

    OKEx (, the spot and futures digital asset exchange by trading volume, announced a partnership with FirmaChain, a blockchain-based electronic contract platform. Through this partnership, customers can use OKEx’s global utility token, OKB, for purchases on FirmaChain.
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    OKEx’s Global Utility Token OKB Adds 4 Major Partners

    OKEx (, a futures cryptocurrency exchange, announced four major partners for OKB, its global utility token aimed at connecting digital asset projects. First, OKB will be listed on Ledger’s hardware wallet, which helps both cryptocurrency traders and institutional investors keep their digital assets secure in cold storage. With clients in 165 countries, Ledger has sold 1.5 million of its wallets.
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    OKEx Announces New Partnership with Klaytn

    OKEx, a digital asset exchange, announced that it has officially joined Klaytn, a global public blockchain project backed by Kakao Corporation, as an Ecosystem Partner. Such partnership aims to drive the mass-adoption of blockchain experience for
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    OKEx Wants to Develop Global Compliance Standards for Crypto Exchange

    OKEx, one of the world’s largest spot and futures digital asset exchanges, are planning on creating a Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) aimed at standardizing exchange practices and policies. Similar to the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, FINRA in
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