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Royal Lion Introduces OTC Platform for Digital Token Trade Bit-Swap

Royal Lion Introduces OTC Platform for Digital Token Trade Bit-Swap

PRNEwswire reports that Royal Lion, a Dubai based corporation, is introducing a new OTC (Over The Counter) platform for secure digital trade Bit-Swap. The Bit-Swap OTC platform provides a secure, simple and quick way to exchange assets for its customers who can be businesses, institutions or individuals.

The platform has many features according to internal sources: "A simple, easy, efficient trading platform for multiple digital/fiat currencies, no Extra Service Charges, no Transaction Fees - the final Quotation price is the only price to be paid by customers, In adherence to the rules and regulations of DMCC 's compliance requirements, full Bi-Lingual Customer Support for all the user queries around the globe and a fully SSL encrypted transmission of data to provide and ensure data security over the network".

The currencies supported by the platform are the US Dollar (USD), the HKD(Hong Kong Dollar), the JPY (Japanese Yen), the GBP (Great Britain Pound) the Euro and many more. The cryptocurrencies supported are the following: Bitcoin (XBT), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).


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