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SmartDubai receives 700 applications for Blockchain Challenge

SmartDubai receives 700 applications for Blockchain Challenge

SmartDubai recently tweeted that for its upcoming Blockchain Startup Challenge 2019 ,it has received more than 700 applications from over 79 countries. The number of applications has been growing exponentially since SmartDubai first launched the challenge back in 2017.

In 2018 SmartDubai received 200 applications from 40 countries while in 2017 only 21 startups applied from 17 countries. This reflects the place Dubai now has as a Blockchain hub for startups and implementations as well as the maturity of the blockchain startup scene since then.

Twenty finalists will be flown into Dubai to pitch on April 3rd 2019 at the Future Blockchain Summit. Winners will receive prizes worth up to $20,000 but more importantly will be introduced to governmental and private sector potential clients. SmartDubai is working closely with Future Accelerators program launched by Dubai Future Foundation. 


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