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Hercules’s Highly-Anticipated Supply Chain Protocol Lists On Dobitrade

Hercules’s Highly-Anticipated Supply Chain Protocol Lists On Dobitrade


HERC, the software access key token used to power Hercules Supply Chain Protocol, is now listed on DOBITRADE. HERC’s listing on Hong Kong-based DOBITRADE facilitates and busbrings to reality Hercules SEZC’s (the team behind the Hercules Protocol) goal of providing 100% visibility into all operations, processes and transactions through supply chain management on the blockchain.

According to Anthem Hayek Blanchard, CEO of Hercules: “Traditional supply chain management systems make it difficult for users to accurately authenticate the digital audit trail due to the lack of transparency. Even when there is suspected racketeering and collusion, the current state of supply chain software makes it extremely cumbersome to investigate and get to the root of the problems.”

The Hercules Protocol provides businesses with the data integrity advantages of blockchain technology, enabling their goods to be trusted and exchanged in a global market at a set price of US$.000032 per Hercules Protocol usage.

Hercules’s CTO Logan Golema explains: “Centralized supply chains are very inefficient, but the elasticity of blockchain offers a much needed solution because it can be modeled in different ways to fit different processes, network node architectures and participants. The built-in chain of command offered by blockchain ultimately means the technology can increase efficiency and transparency of supply chains and positively impact everything from warehousing to delivery to payment.”

Hercules’s decentralized blockchain protocol platform enables users to operate a fully functioning supply chain that utilizes Proof of Human Work (HIPR) to validate transactions. Developed by the Hercules team --and advised by founders of Ethereum, Factom, Storj, Abra Wallet, Edge Security, Wings, Transform, and Blockchain Exchange -- Hercules Supply Chain Software is the first commercially viable, decentralized, and fully open source blockchain-based software designed to stabilize costs and improve transparency, security, authenticity, and validity of supply chain data.


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