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HitBTC Exchange supports Centra Tokens

HitBTC Exchange supports Centra Tokens


Centra Tech, the developers behind the revolutionary multi-blockchain debit card, are proud to announce that their Centra Token (CTR) will soon be added to the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange – HitBTC.

Centra Tech, the company that developed multi-blockchain debit card, has announced that its Centra Token (CTR) will be added to the cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC.

More specifically, Centra Tech’s blockchain debit cards enable the users to store and spend several cryptocurrencies safely without any transaction costs.

Similar to other exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC give their users the opportunity to purchase and trade CTRs, the digital assets of Centra Tech. It offers a platform that is secure and user-friendly, and continues to expand to support major fiat and cryptocurrencies.


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