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Accenture and BNP Paribas experiment with Blockchain based on Nxt Tech

Accenture and BNP Paribas experiment with Blockchain based on Nxt Tech


Nxt currency is an open source cryptocurrency and payment network that was launched in 2013, marking the first time a cryptocurrency could not be mined. With the rise of multiple other altcoins,Nxt developers acknowledged that a change in their business model was called for, which pushed themto focus their current work on new blockchain functionality.

Their achievements over the past years comprise of a voting mechanism and more transparent international bank transfer functionality. This pushed Accenture Spain and BNP Paribas to start experimenting with Nxt Blockchain technology.

Accenture Spain, for example, is trialing with a blockchain-based voting solution, which enables the instant update of a vote count while preserving the full anonymity of voters.

Furthermore, BNP Paribas is utilizing a blockchain solution based on Nxt, in order to reduce limits on sending money or making purchases on a global scale. The aim would be to alleviate the burden among BNP customers and to enhance the bank’s position in the world of cross-border transfers.






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