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Thomson Reuters wants Blockchain Startups for Incubator Program

Thomson Reuters wants Blockchain Startups for Incubator Program


Thomson Reuters On the lookout for Blockchain Startups for its new incubator program. Thomson Reuters is starting an incubator program that wants early-stage entrepreneurs in different technology fields including distributed ledger and cryptocurrency.

The program which was launched on July 5th, grants selected applicants access to Thomson Reuters office space, mentorship, data services as well as client and partner resources. It will run for six months in the Zurich region. In return, Thomson Reuters will utilize the startups' technologies to create more business opportunities for itself.

Applications that relate to cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers will be reviewed by Sam Chadwick, director of Thomson Reuters' financial and risk management division. Notably, he is also managing the recently reported BlockOne IQ initiative, a beta release open to smart contract authors aimed to enable financial information transactions without middlemen.


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