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The Blockchain being a new entrant is under exploration as it is implemented across different industries, sectors and fields. Building and learning is still what the Blockchain is about. There are also today various Blockchain platforms being utilized and as any new technology standardization, the future outlook, as well as the applications that can be built is still much in the limelight. We have chosen what we believe are the topics that are on the minds of both corporations, governments and individuals and we hope that we will be able to shed light on them and provide new insights as we do so.

  • Smart Contracts/self executing contracts for property, land titles, deeds, Intellectual property rights, futures trading, business transactions commerce, retail etc…
  • Blockchain in the financial sector, banking in the age of Blockchain, digital crypto currencies, payments, etc..
  • Block chain in Health Sector, retail, logistics, transportation, energy etc..
  • Block chain and digital identity, digital credentials, regaining your privacy and monetizing your own data
  • Blockchain and Smart Cities or the metering economy ( Using it for IOT barter, meter self driving vehicle for hours, days, metering the washing machine, metering electricity or solar panels directly to your neighbor instead of to the grid) in other words turning idle assets into productive pieces of capital.
  • Dubai as the Crypto Valley of the MENA region just like Switzerland’s CryptoValley
  • Private Blockchain versus public Blockchain, versus Hybrid what will succeed in the end?
  • The Rise of Decentralized or Distributed Autonomous organizations with no employees, no venture capitalists, no management, new outsourcing model and modes of production
  • The role of Governments in the new Blockchain era, accountability, responsibility. Political smart contracts, servicing, procuring taxes,
  • Securing the Blockchain
  • Challenges facing the Blockchain
  • Dubai’s achievements in Blockchain implementation and Future projects

Why UNLOCK 2019

Blockchain is here to stay and is growing. Blockchain is set to have a market size of 2.5 trillion by 2021 from its current 548.2 billion in 2018. Over the last five years venture capitalists have invested more than $3 billion in Blockchain projects.  Over 90% of the banking industry is studying Blockchain initiatives, and governments around the world are setting up regulatory and legislative policies to tackle the issues arising from this new force-field.

According to market research Blockchain use cases are developing across 20 industry verticals most notably in supply chain, identity, security, financial services-commerce, and infrastructure.

For these reasons and more, we are holding the second edition of UNLOCK in Dubai UAE on January 15th-16th 2019 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC.


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